Phase 1 – February 2019


As part of our three-year restoration project at the Park, the Trust needs to undertake significant amounts of work on the trees and woodland. This work will focus on rejuvenating the arboretum and woodland areas, removing those trees with disease, those that are compromising the listed structures (particularly the ha-ha), and those invasive species, principally laurel and rhododendron, that have seriously impacted the health of the woodland. This will improve conditions in the Park in terms of public access and enjoyment, biodiversity, security, health and safety, and will also provide an opportunity to plant new trees and shrubs throughout.

It is proposed that the majority of this work will be undertaken in two phases as part of an external contract:

Phase 1:

  • anticipated to begin early in 2019 until 28 February 2019, to finish prior to bird-nesting season;
  • this round of works will focus on trees in and around the Car Park; the area to the west of the outbuildings down the driveway to the museum entrance; the area immediately around the museum; outside the east wall of the Walled Garden and within the Walled Garden itself.

Phase 2:

  • between 01 September 2019 and 29 February 2020;
  • this round of works will focus on trees within the Pleasure Grounds and the woodland, and particularly along the length of the ha-ha.

The remaining works will be undertaken by the Trust, with the help of various volunteers and volunteer groups. This phase of works may not be restricted to the timeframes detailed above.

This means that areas of the Park will need to be cordoned off throughout any work periods to ensure public safety. However, the Trust aims to make the Park as accessible as possible whenever works are being undertaken, so whenever a path needs to be closed the Trust will always aim to find an alternative route through if at all possible. During those times when this is not possible the Trust will endeavour to reopen paths as soon as practicable.

The Trust kindly asks for your patience and understanding throughout this time. It is vital for your own safety that you observe all signs and restrictions that may be in operation during periods of works. This includes preventing dogs from crossing any barriers.

Although these works will have a significant impact on the current appearance of the Park they are designed to improve the facility for all users, including the wildlife. If you would like to find out more details about the work please contact the Tywi Gateway Trust head gardener, Piers Lunt, by email:

You can also visit Piers and Trust Manager Louise Austin, on Monday 17th December at Abergwili Church Hall between 5-7pm, to discuss the works and the project more generally.