Poetry Inspiration: Waiting for the Garden

We are blessed with some wonderful volunteers at Bishop’s Park.

Lockdown last year was challenging for so many of us, and we were particularly sad to have to close the Park to our regular team of committed volunteers.

We weren’t alone, and one of our garden volunteers felt so inspired at the closure, he put pen to paper.  We love this poem as it encapsulates so much that we all missed at that difficult time – from friends, to work, to the places that are part of our daily lives…  Thank you Neil.

Waiting for the Garden

I’m bored of my back garden
A small and boring square
I’ve strimmed and trimmed and tended
The soil’s now flat and bare

No weed will dare to spoil it
I’ll kill the bugger straight
The the spuds are up, the beans are in
I sit around and wait.

I’m waiting for the garden
That’s big and old and tough
Wrestling back the brambles
Gardening hard and rough.

I’m waiting for the garden
The wall that blocks out hell
The other side is tranquil
A space that makes you well.

I’m waiting for the garden
The space we hold so dear
The sound of apples hitting ground
The only noise you’ll hear.

I’m waiting for the garden
Space for all to dream
A space where all are equal
Wild, not farmed, deep green.

I’m waiting for the banter
And Dilys’ ‘valley tales’
Teaching Tad to swear in Welsh
It’s different see in Wales.

I’ve not seen new wild flowers
Walked knee deep in buttercups

I’ll hammer on the door next week
“Please Piers open up”

Neil Rosser is a local musician and recently retired teacher.

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