What will be happening?

Over the next two years

Initial project work includes managing our trees. As well as restoring the historic design of the park, this will improve the health of specimen trees, enable us to plant more trees and shrubs and increase the park’s wildlife value and appeal to visitors.


Using traditional techniques and materials, the first of the park’s building’s to be restored is the early 19th century Lodge. Work to restore the rest of the outbuildings will follow in late 2019 through to early 2021 creating an education and interpretation centre and café. The conservation of other important features across the park, such as the walled garden, ha-ha, and paths will be undertaken alongside the building work and will integrate the recognition, recording, protection and improved management of the park’s wildlife.

The project aims to ensure that the Bishop’s Park remains a place that brings great pleasure to both the local community and visitors to the area alike and that it becomes a centre of learning and activity for visitors of all ages and abilities.