Bishop Jenkinson’s Garden Takes Shape!

In March 2021 the entrance area which currently greets visitors to the site is being transformed to provide a new garden for year-round interest.  It takes its design inspiration from the time of Bishop John Jenkinson (1825 to 1840), and is circular in plan, with attractive planting including espalier Welsh heritage apple and pear trees, and a large range of culinary and medicinal herbs and plants available in the mid-19th century. The garden is designed to provide a combination of native and ornamental plants providing nectar and pollen sources for insects – beautiful and beneficial! We hope it will really help put the Park on the map and connect visitors with the rich history of the site.


The new woodland garden area will also be planted up this month, with the help of two apprentices from the Dyfryn Tywi project.  This area lies at the edge of the main woodland at the Bishop’s Park and was first opened up 5 years ago when a mature beech tree had to be felled due to fungus making the tree unstable. It now forms an attractive sheltered open area in a natural bowl, looking out across the flood plain meadow where visitors will be able to sit and enjoy the plantings with the backdrop of the beautiful Tywi Valley.  New ornamental shrubs, small trees and spring-flowering bulbs and the introduction of bird and bat boxes will support native flora and fauna and wildlife.

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