Wildlife Watch: December 2021

Louise, Ffiona and ? on 20/12/21

It was a cold, dull day at the end of December.  We noticed bulbs beginning to break through the soil in the Jenkinson Garden – a welcome sign of the Spring to come.

Today a climbing rose had just been planted against pergola – the planting of the Jenkinson Garden is almost complete!

We spotted some hazel nut shells beneath the box tree – were they nibbled by rodents, or squirrels?  And an interesting rotting tree trunk.

All leaves have fallen from all deciduous trees – but we spotted some buds on a beech tree.

We saw some fungi.

…and some rodent hole and mole hills.

We spotted carvings on this beech tree dating back to 1862!

And plants in flower  – Periwinkle, dandelion, rose.

On our walk we saw: Song thrush, Mistle thrush, Robin, Wren, Blackbirds, Blue tits, a Mute swan, Mallards, a Nuthatch and a Jay.